The Governments tax free U-turn...

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The Governments tax free U-turn...

Postby reddrust » Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:53 pm

Years ago if your vehicle was 25 years old or over, you would be exempt paying for road tax on your vehicle. The government realised it was losing revenue on stamp so drew a line in the sand that any vehicle before 31 Jan 1973 (or thereabouts) was tax exempt, whilst vehicles "born" after had to pay stamp. now there is a system in place on the gov dot com website to have a poll, and with 100,000 people registering their opinion the government have to review the situation. everyone here has access to a couple of forums different to the North Devon, would it be worth getting the poll on the government website up and running, then everyone post on their other forums, email friends etc, and see if we can get the system to bow to popular belief (it has nothing to do with my bus being born in 1983- honest), it is the government "creeping" more taxes out of vehicles that would other wise be exempt. Are there any other believers in this cause?
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