Gearbox codes..

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Gearbox codes..

Postby muddy » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:19 pm

Getting ready to do some winter work on the split, fitting servo assisted brakes and a the straight axle conversion. I'm running a 1600 SP motor at the mo, totally shagged reduction boxes and drums all round

I have hold of 2 beetle gearboxes. 1 coded AO with 4 stud drums. This I've been told is the best box for M way cruising etc having a slightly higher ratio. Though the hills will be fun as normal.

I picked up another box as its got 5 stud drums which I wanted. The box has been rebuilt at some time ( he liked orange gasket goo :roll: ) Coding on the box though reads 9407671 with no letter prefix. Any clues what it came off

I'm using a guide off Vzi which seems pretty darn good for reference, anyone else done this conversion or have all gone down the IRS route. ... t+axle+kit

The servo kit is then next on the list which'll hopefully make stopping a tad more fun.. :wink:
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