my new engine build

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Re: my new engine build

Postby caveman » Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:04 am

right so I have not updated this thread much but I have actually been dong quite a lot

I reset the end float to a figure inside both parameters so that hopefully I don't get seizure,
then I ran a compression test on all four cylinders - they came out at circa 145psi on all 4 with a difference across the board of just 6 psi -so I am well happy with that as coupled to the dynamically balanced bottom end it should be a sweet running engine.
then I fitted up the rocker gear and set the gaps
then new rocker cover gaskets and genuine vw rocker covers

it was then time to add the oil hose attachments to the pressure relief cover, set at 60 psi to avoid cold start oil pressure issues - apparently if you start a full flow system cold they can split an external filter with the pressure of the cold oil.
then the standard oil cooler was fitted with new gaskets
then it was the time for the tinware. I have a set of genuine VW tinware that was powder coated 9 years ago that I have fitted it looks ok but for a good quality finish I'm going to have to get a new set organised - something I'm already doing

I was told that the tinware wouldn't fit due to the case being an aluminium super race case but luckily it did! - I think I needed to trim 3-4 mm off the bottom of the fanhousing but nothing stressful.
I then took great care installing the thermostat and thermostat linkage as I really don't want any problems down the line.
then it was just the normal fitting of genuine vw heat exchanger (I don't want to be cold in the winter) and exhaust.

I then filled the engine with Castrol gtx 15/40 - it was on offer in ASDA for £13 for 4 ltrs and will be changed after the first fire up along with a full strip down of the rebuildable filter I have fitted to the oil lines. - my friend has a system one filter that you can strip and inspect and we will be using this to inspect the particles that may be dropped after the first fire.
it is now mounted to my friends remote starter kit that consists of a baywindow gearbox bellhousing and starter motor and a few wires which will allow us to start the engine on his movable hydraulic bench ( very cool tool)
I am hoping to get the engine fired up within the next few weeks so I will post a video of that I possible as I'm rather excited
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